Wildlife Issues

Wildlife Issues


National mammal of the United States, HHAA has been advocating for reintroduction of wild bison, starting with the Charles M. Russel National Wildlife Range as well as appropriate public lands north of Yellowstone National Park. Bison must be managed as Montana wildlife, and treated in a fashion that is consistent with the way in which deer, elk, antelope and other wildlife are treated. Bison should be managed as a public trust by the State of Montana.

Wildlife Disease

Timely, conscientious, scientific management of Chronic Wasting Disease, must be aggressively managed. CWD poses a serious risk to the future health of Montana ungulates as well as to the future of hunting within the State. HHAA encourages hunters to help establish a baseline of state-wide information by providing samples from harvested deer and elk for testing, even in areas that are not currently known to harbor the disease. See the latest news about CWD in Montana as well as information about the disease and ongoing surveillance efforts: http://fwp.mt.gov/news/newsReleases/cwd/

Learn how to properly obtain and submit harvested wildlife samples to test for CWD: