Our Story

Our Story

Although we are a contemporary hunter conservation organization, our hunter roots take us back into deep, even archeological history, where we evolved from a profound connection to our landscapes. Through the eons we have come to learn that we are entrusted with defense of these lands. Our skills had to evolve from delivering projectiles into our prey, to defending those creatures and the places they live, with insightful field experience and targeted legal defenses – while at the same time taking our sustenance from them. For a quick skip through history to our recent challenges, check out Our Deep Hunting and Conservation History = “HHAA Timeline”

Our Founder

We honor long-time HHAA leader, mentor, and philosopher, Jim Posewitz, who fashioned Helena Hunters and Anglers in the natural resource conservation mold of Aldo Leopold and strong public land advocacy example of Theodore Roosevelt.

Jim Posewitz March 6, 1935 – July 3, 2020

In 1994, HHAA founding member Jim Posewitz published the definition of an ethical hunter as: “A person who knows and respects the animals hunted, follows the law, and behaves in a way that will satisfy what society expects of him or her as a hunter.”That definition first articulated in his book Beyond Fair Chase was embraced by the hunter education community and has now reached over a million hunter education students through a distribution system launched by HHAA member Gayle Joslin. In addition, Jim gave “Why and How to Teach Hunter Ethics” seminars in 42 states and several Canadian Provinces.

The final line in Beyond Fair Chase states; “…it is the land, as wild as we can sustain it, that both the hunter and the hunted need to survive.” Hunters who are now members and associates of the HHAA have been doing exactly that for the last 40 years and are driven by that purpose today.

Jim penned five books about hunting, conservation, and our role as conservation hunters in the ongoing responsibility to promote and protect our natural resources, and its equitable use.

    Beyond Fair Chase
    The Tradition and Ethic of Hunting

    Inherit The Hunt
    – A Journey into the Heart of American Hunting

    Rifle In Hand
    – How Wild America was Saved

    Taking A Bullet For Conservation
    – The Bull Moose Party—A Centennial Reflectio

    My Best Shot
    – Discovering and Living the Montana Conservation Ethic

    A society or culture is ultimately measured not by what it developes or consumes, but rather by what it has nurtured and preserved.

    ~ Jim Posewitz ~