Our Story

In 1994, HHAA member Jim Posewitz published the definition of an ethical hunter as: “A person who knows and respects the animals hunted, follows the law, and behaves in a way that will satisfy what society expects of him or her as a hunter.”That definition first articulated in his book Beyond Fair Chase was embraced by the hunter education community and has now reached over a million hunter education students through a distribution system launched by HHAA member Gayle Joslin.  In addition, Jim has given “Why and How to Teach Hunter Ethics” seminars in 42 states and several Canadian provinces.

The final line in Beyond Fair Chasestates; “…it is the land, as wild as we can sustain it, that both the hunter and the hunted need to survive.”  Hunters who are now members and associates of the HHAA have been championing exactly that for the last 40 years, and are driven by that purpose today.

HHAA Timeline

View our Montana timeline created by Jim Posewitz dating back to 15,000 AD. Stay tuned for an interactive timeline about our organization coming soon!