Montana Matters Outdoor Youth Experience

HHAA was one of several sponsors of and participants in the FREE Montana Matters Outdoor Youth Experience event for kids at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds that was held on Saturday, April 13.  HHAA had three tables set up with displays of wildlife hides, skulls, and legs and a fun quiz.

We were visited by about 700 kids and parents who learned the differences between antlers and horns, how differentiate between bobcats and lynx, feel the hides of eight different members of the weasel family, admired big beautiful specimens of wolf, coyote, mountain

lion; and pondered the feet of a variety of ungulates; and aged bighorn sheep and mountain goats by horn growth rings.  We explained that HHAA works hard to maintain habitat for Montana’s wildlife.

Thanks to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks – Montana Wild, for the loan of specimens for our display.  We hope to be back at the Montana Matters Outdoor Youth Experience next year.